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The Founder

For eight years, Daniel Joutard divided his time between Latin America, where he worked with indigenous peoples through various development projects, and Paris, where, after finishing his studies at the city's international business school, ESSEC, he began work as a strategy consultant.

Daniel was greatly impressed by the modernity of the knowledge and culture of the peoples with whom he worked. Though the westernized world was just rediscovering nature's rich offerings and the need for a harmonious relationship with the environment, the natives had never forgotten these things. Yet, under increasing pressure from the market, the traditions, organic diversity, and traditional wisdom of these peoples were rapidly being lost.

Daniel met a young Ecuadorian shaman apprentice, who helped him discover the power of plants, and Jean-Claude Le Joliff, former R&D Director of Chanel, who aided him in revealing it in exceptional skincares. Thus, in 2006, Daniel decided to create Aïny, a brand of cosmetics to re-enchant the world with its own touch of magic by promoting diversity in cultures, plant life, and sciences.
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